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Sportcentrum Klínovec
Loučná pod Klínovcem 110
(parking near lift Dámská)

Complete background for a holiday in the mountains


Do you want to try something new? From the Alps, new outdoor activity SKIALPINING is spreading to our mountains at the speed of flash. Using special skis that remind a combination of cross-country skis and downhill skis, you can climb to any peak and then enjoy a ride through free terrain. In our Sportcenter Klinovec there is a Skialp rental, in which you can rent exclusive brand new equipment of brands Elan, Fischer and Scott, which are used, for example, by local mountain rescue service!
Beginners recommended to climb the Dámská ski slope. It will take you about 30-40 minutes to get to the top.
The Skialp rental is located in Sport Shop Klínovec – in a building opposite the Klínovec Sportcenter.
For Skialp rent you need a reservation.

We rent sets:


Our cross-country ski rental offers Salomon, Peltonen, Alpina and Madshus cross-country skiing sets. We rent classic cross-country skis, skis for skating, and with nanogrip technology, with SNS or NNN bindings. You can choose from a wide range of cross-country ski shoes for children and adults in sizes 25-50. We have cross-country skis in lenght from 100cm to 206cm. In our sports shop, which is located right in the building of cross-country ski rental and skialp center, you can also get high-quality accessories and clothes for winter sports, or bobsleds and snow gliders.

Skis for classi (with scales, without scales) – for versatile use, suitable for tourists and recreation users.
They will deal both with untouched terrain and cross-country trails.

Skis for skating are suitable not only for racers, but also for those who want to perform higher physical exercise. These cross-country skis are suitable for prepared tracks.

Nanogrip (Peltonen) bases with nanogrip technology do not need to be treated with any rising or slipping wax. Nanogrip technology works in all conditions, especially in damp or frost. Skis offer optimal reflection qualities from the very beginning and their sliding characteristics are optimized within a few kilometers of the first ride. These skis have a versatile profile and are designed for classic running. Nanogrip technology is basically maintenance-free.


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